The work of Ron Ekkelenkamp is scenery, landscape seen through the eyes of a true painter. The periods he spends on the Greek islands, play an important role. From large to small, from landscape to detail, his paintings form the translation   in an (almost) abstract language.
(Josje de Baat, galerie Jos Art, Amsterdam)
A visit to his studio makes it immediately clear: this is the work area of a painter who paints. Huge impressive canvases, small intense sizes along paint-spattered walls. Activity and energy radiate, and the glow of lyricism. This is the studio of someone who, working wit materials, linen and paint, confronts the immensity of his subjects. Who experiences that art is not life, but rather a different form of life.
(Martha J. Haveman (), galerie Beeld & Aambeeld, Enschede)  
In his work you can see that he has not only overcome shame, but more important still, if necessary, he has crossed the limits of pain. His paintings get their power from his sense of colour, atmosphere and composition. He works on the razor's edge. Troubled thoughts, considering fragments, light and darkness, the elements fire, earth, water and air, everyting is present. He does not think up the themes, he comes across them inevitably. And so the unbearable lightness of being is confronted with a melancholic desire for tenderness.
(Gerrit Bosch, conservator artcollection Provincie Noord-Holland)